Safety is our number one priority at Fury Fireworks and we take the safety of our customers very serious! With that said, here are five tips for making sure your celebrations are as safe and fun as possible!

Safety Zone - It is important to set up a safety zone for your spectators and yourself while lighting fireworks. Keeping a safe distance between you/your spectators and each firework can be life saving. Make sure your safety zone takes into account where your fallout will go and be sure that neither you or your spectators are sitting/standing in the fallout area as this could result in severe burns. Fireworks are loud and being too close can severely damage hearing . Plus we all know that fireworks are best enjoyed from a slight distance. 

Placement and Lighting - The placement of your fireworks is vital! Make sure that your fireworks are not placed near cars, homes, trees, or anything else that could be damaged or destroyed by the fireworks. Make sure to stabilize each firework before lighting. One of the biggest issues with consumer fireworks is their stability. Each year there are countless stories of fireworks tipping over and shooting into crowds of people. This can be avoided by stabilizing your fireworks using bricks, rocks, or you can even glue them to a piece of wood. It's simple and makes for a safe, fun show! Speaking of safe shows, while lighting your fireworks, light only one at a time. Multiple fireworks in the air takes away from your ability to control what is going on around you. 

Inspection - Before you launch your show be diligent in inspecting each of your fireworks. At Fury Fireworks we diligently inspect each firework for any sort of damage that could cause your fireworks to misfire. But something could always happen to your fireworks between the time we give them to you and the time you launch them. It is your responsibility to check and double check before lighting!

Remote Firing System - If you're a huge pyro like me and you love to put on massive shows, I'd suggest investing in a remote firing system. Remote fireing systems give you the ability to launch your show from a safe distance while being able to see everything that is going on. 

Have Fun - This is my favorite time of year because it seems to be one giant party all over the place! Have fun and be safe by following these tips! God bless!

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